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My name is Walter “Buttons” Slaymaker. I’m a retired government worker (28yrs.) and retired U.S. Air Force Reservist (30yrs.) who has been clowning for over 26 years, performing at birthday parties, fairs, daycares, parades, etc.

I am a member of C.O.A.I, WCA and the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association (MACA). I was the editor of MACA’s quarterly magazine, The Big Top and manager of their website for 17 years.

My first venture into clowning was in a local parade and it’s been a favorite event of mine for many years. I have won numerous awards for paradeability competition and am now lecturing on the topic at clown conventions around the country. My lecture, “Parades – 101” covers what to do and not to do in parades; types of parade props that you can make, and Paradeability competition.

In 2014, I decided to start a new business making and selling custom buttons and badges. I have over 400 designs to choose from, or you can design your own with your clown/alley name, picture, special saying, etc. In addition, I distribute a line of plastic engraved badges.